By voting yes on Measure B, Los Angeles voters will be able to ensure a safe working environment for one of the most overlooked professions in the County.  Measure B, The Safer Sex In The Adult Film Industry Act, is about preventing the spread of disease and protecting both performer and public health. Measure B will not use one cent of tax payer money. All costs will be paid for by fees from the Adult Industry, similar to fees regularly paid by many businesses for permits, inspections and enforcement of basic health and safety regulations.

Every year adult film performers are exposed to thousands of preventable infections in hazardous workplaces. Measure B will require that pornographers adhere to a minimal standard for workplace safety.  Measure B will enforce standards recommended by our nation’s most prominent medical and public health associations. People working in adult film should be entitled to the same clean and healthy workplaces the majority of Angelinos enjoy.
  • On-set activities place performers at increase risk for diseases like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Compared to the Los Angeles community at-large, performers are up to 64 times more at-risk for gonorrhea and 34 times for Chlamydia.
  • The annual prevalence rate of gonorrhea and chlamydia in the adult industry is estimated to be over seven times higher than in the general population of sexually active adults.
  • All costs of Measure B are paid by fees to the adult film Industry. Fees on films needing extra safety precautions because they are using everything from pyrotechnics to animals are currently charged, this would simply make porn producers pay their fair share.
  • Testing is not prevention. It is an established medical fact that testing does not prevent transmission of disease.
  • Measure B saves the county healthcare costs. Adult film performers are rarely provided with health insurance. The cost of medical treatment is frequently borne by tax payers.
  • The cost of condoms is negligible. The lifetime costs of treating a single person with HIV is estimated to be higher than $600,000.
  • Women in the adult industry are at the highest risk of infection. For instance, three quarters of all cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia were reported in women during a four year period.
  • Current testing for infections among performers does not test for all STDs, thus underestimating the true amount of infections in this high risk population.
  • Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley, is considered the “World Capitol of Porn” with nearly 90% of all adult films that are legally distributed in the United States connected to studios based there.
  • Pornographic film production will not flee Los Angeles, it is legal in only two states California and New Hampshire. In every other state it is considered prostitution. While prostitution is legal in Nevada, it is regulated, condoms and other work place safety regulations are strictly enforced.
  • Health officials have documented thousands of preventable infections in the adult industry.
  • As a condition of their work, performers are routinely denied access to condoms. One study found 97% of adult films are produced without condoms.
  • Measure B protects against obvious and preventable workplace hazards unique to adult film.
  • The adult film industry will be held to the same workplace standards as other businesses in Los Angeles County
  • Condoms are currently mandated under California law but the majority of adult film companies are poor corporate citizens and choose to blatantly disregard the law.
  • Incidences of HIV infection are well documented and occur with alarming regularity.

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