Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act — County of Los Angeles (Official Title and Summary)

Shall an ordinance be adopted requiring producers of adult films to obtain a County public health permit, to require adult film performers to use condoms while engaged in sex acts, to provide proof of blood borne pathogen training course, to post permit and notices to performers, and making violations of the ordinance subject to civil fines and criminal charges?

YES on B:

  • Stops the spread of disease. Reputable health experts have determined that condoms are the best method to protect against the transmission of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  • Protects performers working in porn. Performers in the Adult Film Industry deserve the same protections and enforcements from workplace hazards as employees in other industries.
  • Protects your tax dollars, from being spent on costs for the Adult Industry. All costs of measure B will paid by fees on the industry.